An independent nation since 2008, Kosova emerged from the break-up of the former Yugoslavia and continues to experience political turmoil and economic hardship. Now with an Albanian majority and Serbian minority, the memories of ethnic cleansing and a bitter war still take their toll. Within a traditionally Muslim population a small but determined Protestant church, led by Albanians but declaring the gospel to all, has grown strongly since the turn of the 21st century.


An urgent need for the gospel to reach every corner of a population that knows little of the good news to be found in The Bible


Under pressure to find work and make a living, the Kosovar population has had to be on the move, joining a larger Albanian ‘diaspora’


Key individuals, often in a degree of isolation, work with determination to keep a gospel witness alive where they live 

Can I help in Kosova?

Kosova has a small christian community that faces many challenges 


Kosovar Christians readily accept those who are willing to live amongst them and share in the life and work of the church.


Are there Kosovar migrants in your neighbourhood? Try to tell them the gospel or ask us for literature that you can give them.


Determined to be independent, the churches in Kosova work hard to support their pastors and provide places to meet. They’d be glad of your help.