The gospel has been present among the Albanian people and part of the country’s heritage from early times. Here are a few materials that trace the beginnings of the modern day Albanian evangelical church and the gospel movement among the Albanian people as well as the Albanian Evangelical Mission.  

Edwin Jacques

Edwin Jacques was an American Baptist missionary in the city of Korҫë, southern Albania between 1932 and 1940. In the late 1930s a ‘spiritual awakening’ led to the unprecedented growth of the church in Korҫë and ultimately to the survival of a handful of believers throughout the years of severe Communist repression. In this 1984 recording, he recalls something of the history of gospel work amongst Albanian people.

David Young

In 1986 David Young co-founded the Albanian Evangelical Trust which later became the Albanian Evangelical Mission. He led the mission until his retirement in 2011, building a network of churches and individuals in the UK with awareness of and concern for the spiritual needs of Albania and Kosova. In the Albanian speaking regions of the Balkans, it was David Young’s passion for the people and the language, and above all for the gospel, that led him to encourage mission and connect with believers in the years following the demise of Communism and the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. He has written extensively on the history of the gospel amongst Albanian people and his own experiences. The following links are to talks he has recently prepared and circulated via YouTube.