Traditionally home to a majority Muslim population living alongside people of Catholic and Orthodox faith, Albania gained notoriety under Communism as the world’s first officially atheist state.The Communist regime established under Enver Hoxha collapsed in 1991 opening the door to the gospel of Jesus Christ. What happened next can be seen as an ‘awakening’ in which many Albanian people, and young people especially, came to believe in the Biblical Jesus. After more than 25 years of energetic mission activity, a strong and growing evangelical church testifies to the living Saviour as the nation struggles to free itself from poverty, corruption and hopelessness.

This video consists of two typical Albanian testimonies which might shed some light to the current situation as well as the recent history of the church in Albania. The stories touch on the challenges and hopes of the church communities there. 

Supporting and planting churches

Befriending, instigating and supporting congregations of Christians in every town of Albania


Literature in Albanian to tell people about Jesus and help Christians in their lives

Conferences and seminars

Support for leaders and teachers and for wider fellowship across the Balkans

Can I help in Albania?

There are many other ways we serve in Albania where you can get involved

Summer camps

We can always use you, if you have the time and energy, at camps for the young, the not so young and family groups


Could you or your church get alongside Albanian believers for their encouragement?


Lacking material resources, an independent Albanian church can always use your help, especially when confronted with the extreme needs of many in their community