The mission (formerly known as the Albanian Evangelical Trust) grew largely out of the prayer meetings for Albania which began in Kent during 1976, visits to Albania in the 1980s by Christians on official tour groups, and the zeal of a Kosovar radio evangelist converted to Christ from a Moslem background.

It was formed in 1986 with two aims:


1) To make the gospel known to the Albanian people.
2) To foster Evangelical church life among them. We believe we are the only Christian body in Britain whose single purpose is to bring the gospel to Albanians. While we thank God for the work that other Missions are doing as part of their ministry, we feel that the needs of the Albanians are so great, that our sole aim must be to make Christ known among that people. 'What We Believe.'

We pursue this by various means, including:
1) Evangelistic and follow-up work.
2) Recruiting full-time workers, and assisting their preparation.
3) Production and distribution of Christian literature in Albanian.
4) Promoting prayer meetings and other events,
(conferences, seminars, etc.)
5) Making known the situation and work through newsletters, books and visits to churches, colleges, etc.

6) Relief of the poor and needy.

Albanian Market


Albanian Evangelical Mission, The Old Stables, Church Walk, Ixworth, BURY ST EDMUNDS. IP31 2HH

Tel: 01359 408431


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Registered as a charity in the UK (1036807) and in Albania

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